Tiffany Blue Boxes

Am I referring to exciting little boxes of sparkling joy?  No.

Let me tell you a little story.

My husband bought 3 gallons of primer for the barn.  In his always “thinking ahead way” he had the primer tinted to get close to the final color of Olive Green.


Plans changed for the barn, and the paint wasn’t needed.  So guess what?  It got to be used for the Bee Boxes.

Yes, this is the color of the primer.  I loved it so much, I put a clear varnish over it to protect the wood and paint.

This is also the home for our new “all American” Queen.  She’s a melting pot of Italian, Carniolan, Russian, and Buckfast.  We just installed a Nuc into the 10 frame hive of Tiffany Blue.

If the hubs had proceeded with the primer, I wonder what the neighbors would have thought seeing the barn painted this color, even if it was short lived?  (Not quite olive green, eh? I laughed myself silly!)

So…the bee boxes.  We have two yellow, and two Tiffany blue, with coordinating supers, and feeders.

I got thinking about how we could creatively name our hive boxes to keep better records.  We’ve got them numbered right now, and that seems a bit boring.

I started off with something light from Harry Potter…..I thought I might name them after the Magical Creatures from the series:  Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, Fauks, the Phoenix, Hedwig, the Owl, and Crookshanks, the cat.  The Hubs wasn’t having it.

So I tried Lord of the Rings…. Frodo, Merri, Pippin, and Samwise.  Shot down a second time.

So I recommended Shakespeare…..Romeo, Caesar, Puck?  Nope, Nope, Nope. 

Famous authors…Frost, Emerson, Whitman, Flynn!  Hubs. “Who?”

How about famous castles?  Nope.

How about historic queens?  Nope.

Famous Jewelry Stores….Tiffany’s, Cartier, Harry Winston, Bulgari? (Hint, hint.). Husband, stares blankly.

My man….he’s always thinking.  He says “Minions.  Look at the colors!”

I laughed so hard.  Minions!

So I’m thinking that now we are the Despicable Bee Ranch.

Dave, Larry, Bob…we need a toy!  

It better come in a Tiffany Blue Box, and sparkle.

I’m just wondering if that will make my husband Gru?

If so, I want a space ship, and a secret lab!

And a Tiffany Blue box with something authentically sparkling inside.

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