Labor Day Binge Watch

Yes, I will….because I can.

I’ve read the books, and now I’m binging on the HBO series Game of Thrones.

So far:  Season one came reasonably close to the first book…..the rest is exceedingly questionable, except the number of people who die.  Besides Ros, and she doesn’t count, cause she wasn’t in the book.

Tyrion Lanister/Peter Dinklage, you are remarkable, and your portrayal of Tyrion is spot on for me.  Thank you for bringing the book to life.

Jon Snow/Kitt Harrington. Will you survive the betrayal at Castle Black?


I will wait for the new book.  The books are so much richer than the HBO departure. I sincerely hope the last book “finishes everything off”.  Bad pun, so sorry..but Winter is coming!  Time for a finale to the Game of thrones.

I hope this next season explains more of where Bran ends up.  Will his role play a part in controlling the white walkers?

Who will ride the other two dragons?  Will Danareus Storm Born invade the 7 kingdoms?

Will Arya become a “faceless man”?  Will she become like her Targarean hero who rode her own dragon?

Since HBO took such liberty with Sana’s story, will she pick up her mother’s story line in the upcoming season?  It should be interesting.

Will the white walkers invade?

Where did Little Finger go?

What about Varys?  Is he a Targarean bastard?

So many details.

So many Characters.

Who will ultimately sit on the Throne made from a thousand swords?

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