Love lists


One of my favorite preachers was focusing on Mark 12:31, loving your neighbor as you love yourself…he stopped and posed something interesting.  He said, “so if you don’t love yourself, your neighbor is in big trouble.”

Have you ever been challenged, questioned, queried on what you love?

Did you list yourself?

Do you think your neighbor would be better off if you loved yourself a little better?

Something that I’ve really struggled with.  Love was always an outward projection, something for others, I would have never thought of listing my name on any list.  A paradigm shift for sure.

10 thoughts on “Love lists

  1. This post stopped me dead in my tracks. Thank you for sharing as I, too, often see love as an “anyone but me” emotion. I’ve always had a fairly low self-love. Everyone and everything else comes first. It wasn’t until an incredibly awful last six months at an employer that I was forced to walk away. For me. And, you know what? It’s starting to feel good. I am me again. The old one I remember; the me I love more than I realized.

    • Good for you! Nothing worse than a bad employment experience, but the better you are at self care, the better choices you make, and the better you can take care of others.
      Thanks! Have a great week!

  2. I’ve always associated loving one’s self as a form of vanity, so it’s certainly a paradigm shift. I know that I’ve always done my best to treat my neighbors with respect.

    • I completely get that.
      There is a big difference between the Narcissist, and healthy self respect and self care.
      I can only perceive through your blog how well balanced and naturally caring you are, of course you would be an awesome neighbor.

      I wasn’t raised in one of those healthy environments and had a lot of self loathing for too long, and struggled my way out. And sometimes it resulted in aloof, and very guarded neighborly relations. If I didn’t like me, I couldn’t see how others would ever like me, so I kept to myself. I can only imagine how many awesome people I missed out on meeting because of that.

      It’s all about balance, and someday I will get there. I might even put myself on my own list. I have to ponder that particular paradigm shift a bit, I don’t want to end up in a ditch on the other side of that equation!

  3. This then poses the question, ‘How does one love oneself’?
    I’ve heard it said before that loving oneself is something along the lines of caring for oneself. Eating healthy, taking care of your body (exercise, rest, etc), taking care of your spirit, and so on. The greek have four words for the our one English word, ‘love’. It’s broken down into four different types of love – sexual, brotherly, family, unconditional. You can read more up on it here:
    Sooooo, I guess I would think that we should treat our neighbours like we treat ourselves. If he is hungry, give him food. If thirsty, give him drink. If without clothes, give him clothes, etc.
    Does this make sense?
    Hope you’re doing well Wendy. How are things on the job/possibly study front?

    • You are right Staci, that is The big question.
      The greeks had it going on in their descriptions of the way humans can love one another, that’s for sure.
      I agree with the Golden Rule absolutely.
      It’s a little sad that society today, there seems to be more electronic neighborly-ness than actual human interaction.
      I’ve got a great neighbor next door, but I only see her every couple months when I’m out walking the dog.
      It’s all about balance. I’ve been around people who put themselves above everyone else, and never interacted with a neighbor unless it was for their own self interest. And I’ve been guilty of not being a good neighbor, because I was sure they wouldn’t like me, so I never tried.
      I missed out on meeting some good people.

      The Love list paradigm interested me, because I never would have thought to list myself, ever. Love has always been an outward effort, be it Phileo, Storge, or Eros.
      Having said that, It’s always been pretty clear that it’s hard to give away what you haven’t cultivated in yourself. You give out of your overflow, right?

      So much to think about.

      I loved your comment, sorry to Ramble on so!
      Have a great day.

      • Hahahahaha @Ramble on. You’re not rambling. I have to laugh, because when I first started reading this, I read ‘Greeks’ as ‘Geeks’ hahahaha. I caught on though.
        Yes, definitely. It’s all about balance. Something that is soooooo difficult. It seems like a simple concept, but humans really do seem to have such a difficult time being balanced.
        Bless you Wendy.

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