A study afternoon

After taking my first two John Maxwell classes, I decided to pick up a couple of the books he recommended reading.

I started the Dale Carnegie book today.  At first I was skeptical, this is a really old book.  It was published in 1944, 20 years before I came along.  The second thing was, I’m not much of a worrier, but I can get a bit negative, if I can’t see a way to make things work.

It’s a surprising read.  It’s practical, full of examples from people from all walks of life.

What also struck me, was these folks picked themselves up from extraordinary circumstances during a time when there was no Welfare system, no Unemployment insurance, no Government handouts.  Many of these folks brought themselves into success during the Great Depression, during WW II, without any type of hand out all, just their determination to stay positive, and keep going.

The book has great quotes from philosophers from Lin Yutang to Horace.

Some of the earliest success stories of the 20th century seemed to have the same thing in common.  They looked at the worst thing that could happen, faced their fears, and kept moving forward one step at a time.

With the rains today, it was really nice to turn off the TV, the Internet, and read a few chapters of inspiration and practical application to maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of trials, change, and difficulty.

3 thoughts on “A study afternoon

  1. Hi Wendy, I don’t know about the Maxwell classes, is online? I’ll check if the library as this book, seems interesting. Sometimes I think the same, you have many advantages compared with what people had many years ago, and at that time they succeed and most of the time people weren’t stressed like today.

    • John Maxwell has several free classes online, johnmaxwell.com. He does stuff on leadership, thinking, etc.
      I figured I would take this “between time” to freshen myself up with a little studying, skill improvement, and new perspectives.
      The book is really well written, interesting, and chock full of a wide variety of folks personal experiences. 3 chapters went by in a blink, I went back and re read them slowly to fully take in the beauty of the stories.
      Have fun with it!

  2. I find it amazing as well, Wendy. They faced down adversity and not only moved forward, but created meaningful lives. I wonder if today we are made of the same mettle as those before us.

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