Where am I?


The quiet in between decision, and resolution.

The distance between the vision and reality.

Hope that lifts.

Time that preys on the mind….







Don’t look back.

Don’t look back.

Photo denadouglashobbs.com

11 thoughts on “Where am I?

    • I’m just plugging along, forward facing, determined not to go back to the old industry I was in. It’s like coming around a really long blind curve. I know there is something good ahead, I just can’t see it yet.
      In between, I’m in between.

      Have a great week. Hope the goats are doing well.

  1. That’s it Wendy. Don’t look back. Look on to what is in store for you. Change is tough, but soooooo rewarding. Keep looking up.

    Btw, I entered your Gravatar to find you e-mail address. I wanted to send you a copy of my last art piece that I posted. If you don’t want to give your email through WP, you can email it to me at stacilys1 at gmail dot com.


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