Travel stories Part 2

Yesterday was such a funny day.  

Traveling is never reliable, things go wrong. Flights get cancelled.  Tornados decide to hover over the airport.

Photo credit CBS Denver 

We shuffled off the plane. We went to the Tornado shelter.  We waited.


There was a calm to everyone.  I was really amazed at how efficiently everyone in our Terminal made their way up and down the stairs to the basement.  There wasn’t a lot of places to sit, and the basement was filthy, gross, dirty.  But we hung out and chatted amongst ourselves.

When it came time to return to the surface, we all made our way out at a really nice clip.  

It took quite a bit to get back on the plane.  On Southwest Airlines, you get a boarding number to line up, then it’s open seating on the plane.  Everyone left their bags on the plane, and were going back to their same seats.  But, we all lined up in our same places, we got back on the plane and sat for another 20 minutes.

6 folks on the flight would miss their connections, so we waited while they made the decision to go on, or get off the plane.  No one got off.

The pilot made the announcement that air traffic control had re-routed us to make up time.  Things were looking good.

We got a free “cocktail”.  I had my drink coupon ready, I was ready for a glass of wine.  I had spent all day in interviews, so the delays to me were a funny sign to just “lighten up”.

Three ladies to my left were working together to help another lady who would miss her connection make a hotel reservation and navigate the airport.

The flight attendants were really awesome.  

When we got to Houston, and it looked like we were finished with our journey…..there had been a big rain and high winds in Houston, which delayed the outbound flights.  We sat on the Tarmac for another 20 minutes until a gate opened up.

Some things are just not in your control, like tornados.  Getting upset over delays is self defeating.  I was in awe over the way the people around me flowed through the delays, drama, and inconvenience.  

I got to witness kindest, receive kindness, and extend kindness.  It was a pretty cool journey in all.

I’m grateful for the new friends I made yesterday.  If it hadn’t been for the Tornado, I wouldn’t have met them.

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