Is your tank empty or full?

Photo credit:  fit

I got hit with this question from two different sources in one day.  Repeated messages tend to get my attention.

This makes sense to me, as I have been drained.  Not just of physical energy, but mental and emotional energy too.

We worked in the heat again this weekend.  I knew I was whipped when I thanked my husband, and was supremely grateful for the makeshift “potty”….Aka Latrine he built using a toilette seat, landscape timbers, and cinder blocks over a deep hole in the ground.  He did a tent- like privacy cover using a blue tarp.  This city girl has come a long, long way.  The frogs jumping in and out of the cement water trough a few feet away…didn’t even phase me.  I almost took a picture of it I was so thankful…..I’ve come a very long way, indeed.

When I got home late Sunday night I said a long prayer of thanksgiving for hot running water, a toilette that flushes, air conditioning, and my bed.

Monday was a long day of interviews and research into the prospective employers, Zumba, grocery shopping, cooking, walking the neglected dogs, and an online seminar.  

Today, I’m drained.  I’ve spent myself fully.  All of the physical, emotional, intellectual reserves I thought I had are used up, drained and gone.

So for me, it’s time to unplug.  With the last of my creativity, I wanted to post something encouraging.  We all face times when we have to fill our tanks.  We are most effective when we operate out of our overflow.

If any of you are finding yourselves drained, please share how you recharge, how you care for yourself to make sure you are operating at your best.  What works for you?

Until I return, be good to yourself and to each other!

7 thoughts on “Is your tank empty or full?

  1. Oh wow, I’d be thankful too. I’ve done a lot of ‘roughing it’ so to speak. This all thanks to my lifestyle and life choices. I’ve come to a point where I don’t choose the rough stuff anymore. If it happens, so be it. But I just don’t get into the whole tent and 100 women using a bathroom with only 3 or 4 showers and the sleeping on a mat on the floor thing. Hehehe. Call me a wimp, but I’m done with that now. 🙂
    Anyhow, I take a nap if I’m drained. They do me good. Not everybody can take naps and be revived by them. My hubby feels bad after a nap. I also try to get some along time. If I go for a brief run, I make sure I take a prayer/reflection walk afterwards. Sometimes if I’m anxious or emotional, I just cry it all out to God. And it’s so true, we can only give out of our overflow.
    Hope you’re having a good week Wendy.
    🙂 ❤

  2. Beautiful quote Wendy! I totally understand how you feel. I’ve also been through such a time, and it lasted for a few months. Very exhausting to want to do stuff and to not find the energy to do so. When I see drained I try to do only what really makes me happy, and what relaxes me. If I push it even further, I run on empty and I don’t get anything done. Give it some time. I’m sure you’ll get better soon. Lots of hugs!

    • I agree on the happiness focus, it is a pure “fuel” for the soul!

      Hope your week is going well. I’m so impressed with your painting! I can barely do a stick figure. Your talent is wonderful.

      Thanks for the great comment.


      • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m doing my best to improve, so I can become a full time painter. I hope it will work.
        I hope you too have an amazing week. Good luck with the refill. Take care! x

  3. I almost missed this post, after few hours in the wild we learn to give value to the things that we take for granted. For recharge I only need a long shower and my bed. Have a great weekend!

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