The pursuit of Happiness

Ok my lovelies..

Before I leave to tend the bees, and ignore my blog for a few days while I sweat and toil.

Let me leave you with this little scene.  Christopher Plummer in Hector and the Search for Happiness.

He asks a profound question:  When were you at your happiest?  When was that moment in your life that you can recall with complete joy?

I flashed back to an early spring day in Northern Ohio.  It was cold, but sunny.  I was 6 maybe 7. (1970-71) I wanted to run.  There was some spotty little snow patches on the ground, and crocus coming up in places.  I ran like a little lamb.  I imagined myself a little lamb frolicking about.  Kicking the snow, smelling the flowers, leaping about.  I had a lavender sweater, and a pretty yellow dress on.  My best Sunday shoes.  (for those of you who were born before 1964, you remember your good Sunday school shoes.)  I opened up my arms and twirled and twirled about…..

Until my mom got mad, and dragged me off for a spanking for ruining my shoes.  At that age, who could wear shoes for more than a couple months before your feet grew out of them….logic and practicality…not my mom’s strong suits. May she rest in peace.

Nothing though, could remove the joy of that memory of the sun, the snow, the flowers, the pretty dress and shoes, and being able to just run and enjoy that beautiful day.

I’m grateful for good memories, good movies, and good thoughts.

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