Friday Obscurities, This is Ponderous 2NU

I don’t know why this song popped in my mind.

It must have something to do with being between jobs, and having bad dreams again.

Does anyone remember this?

9 thoughts on “Friday Obscurities, This is Ponderous 2NU

    • You might be a little young for this one…I had the CD in 1989-1990. It’s funky and fun.
      I was listening to this and “I want to be a Cowboy”. His name is Ted, oh Ted. They took me way back. It was fun.

      • Some of the songs I remember. I was playing in an original band and playing clubs, so I wasn’t listening to a lot of what was on the radio. I do remember I want to be a cowboy, though. 🙂

      • I don’t know that Ponderous ever made the radio. My post college days I was married to a DJ who liked to find obscure music. That didn’t last very long, but I still like the music.
        You didn’t strike me as being so close to my age, I figured you were at least 10 years younger than me.
        You must have been just a babe playing in clubs then.😉

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