Who needs boot camp?

105 degrees, landscape timbers need to be moved to make room for the barn….

Water?  Check.

Gloves?  Check.

Shovel to kill snakes?  Check.

Oh, boy…I’m not sure if this City girl is up for this task.

But, I can’t be some hothouse flower.  I’ve got to pluck up my gumption, and get this done.

Gotta separate the rotten, warped, and broken pieces.

40 good pieces salvaged from the ancient pile.

Worked the biceps, got in plenty of squats, heart rate going really well, and a humongous amount of perspiration. 

I did it!  Yea!  I’m not going to be able to move tomorrow, but…I got it done!

I’m so grateful I didn’t give up.  I’m grateful for the strength to work on our property.  I’m grateful I pushed through.  I’m supremely grateful for shade where I had to be.

What do you do when you can’t make it to the gym?

How do you motivate yourself for an unfamiliar task?

5 thoughts on “Who needs boot camp?

  1. Heyyyyy, good for you. Yes, you definitely got a good workout in.
    As for me, I don’t go to the gym. I work out with body rock or I do my own thing. Plus, I give physical conditioning classes twice a week.
    Have a great week Wendy.

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