Suddenly, Grace flows

Happy Friday!

I hope your Friday is full of Grace and Peaceful enjoyment to usher you into a fabulous weekend.

Today I’m supremely grateful for a lunch date with my Zumba buddies today, time this week with my oldest friends.  Sara took me to breakfast, and fed me body and soul.  She encouraged me and lifted me up.  Cheryl and I went to lunch and laughed and told stories like we were still 19 year old college students.  To think that I’ve been blessed with friends that are so wonderful, when we get together, it’s like no time has passed.  We just pick up where we left off.

I was actually social this week.  I got dressed, got out, put on makeup, and interacted face to face with people!  Amazing.  It was like coming out of a dark cave into the light.

I even got a note from my lovely Friend Yvonne.  I have to call her to catch up.  I miss her.

I’m grateful for my business friends who have sent my resume out to their contacts with their recommendations of me.  I now have 3 interviews next week.  My cup runs over.  

How did I get so blessed?  It’s so humbling to receive this kind of love.  The beauty surrounds me and overwhelms me.  I thank God, He is soooo good to Wendy, especially when I don’t deserve it.  He never gives up on me.

Also, I’m thankful today for my WordPress family and the wonderful encouraging comments this week.  Love to you all.

Fluttering Hope

My first real interview since May.  Not a courtesy call to appease a friend.  A real live interview with a scheduled second interview agreed on for Monday.
I’m very grateful for friends who have faithfully kept an eye out for opportunities and alerted me, recommended me, and forwarded my resume to folks who might like to have my talent on board.

Now, I have some digging to do to make sure they are a good fit, some praying to do to make sure there is Peace, and some thanking to do to express my gratitude to the people who love me, believe in me, support me, and celebrate me.  

Happy Monday!


Go sparkle with the fire that is brilliantly your own.

Make it a great week!
Today I’m grateful for fun words, Zumba, and my family.  

Kick in the pants.

Sometimes, technology kicks my keister. 
All the resumes I’ve sent out had a formatting error when I saved the resume from a Word File to a PDF. 
It looks like blank pages with occasional work with the paragraphs cut off at the bottom of the page.


Silly Sunday

I’m not sure if it’s all the heat, the sweat, the physical labor, or lack of sleep….but this made me giggle.

The Sun Shines out my Bum.

Ha ha ha.

The pursuit of Happiness

Ok my lovelies..

Before I leave to tend the bees, and ignore my blog for a few days while I sweat and toil.

Let me leave you with this little scene.  Christopher Plummer in Hector and the Search for Happiness.

He asks a profound question:  When were you at your happiest?  When was that moment in your life that you can recall with complete joy?

I flashed back to an early spring day in Northern Ohio.  It was cold, but sunny.  I was 6 maybe 7. (1970-71) I wanted to run.  There was some spotty little snow patches on the ground, and crocus coming up in places.  I ran like a little lamb.  I imagined myself a little lamb frolicking about.  Kicking the snow, smelling the flowers, leaping about.  I had a lavender sweater, and a pretty yellow dress on.  My best Sunday shoes.  (for those of you who were born before 1964, you remember your good Sunday school shoes.)  I opened up my arms and twirled and twirled about…..

Until my mom got mad, and dragged me off for a spanking for ruining my shoes.  At that age, who could wear shoes for more than a couple months before your feet grew out of them….logic and practicality…not my mom’s strong suits. May she rest in peace.

Nothing though, could remove the joy of that memory of the sun, the snow, the flowers, the pretty dress and shoes, and being able to just run and enjoy that beautiful day.

I’m grateful for good memories, good movies, and good thoughts.



This picture I found on Pinterest.  I saved it, and I go back to it from time to time.

When I get dark in my thoughts, it helps me fight back into light and positive thinking. 

I had a lovely breakfast today with a dear friend.  It was so amazing how peaceful and normal I felt with her.

She gave me such wonderful encouragement to get out of my cave, and live.

Thanks Sara.

Zits, mosquito bites, chiggers, and stinging nettle

They got me….

There are hundreds of little insects with big bellies, laying back on their sofas complaining that they ate too much of the big girl lifting those landscape timbers.

To top things off, I got into some stinging nettle too, and all the heat and perspiration caused a massive break out on my chin!

So, I’m covered in Calomine lotion and tea tree oil trying not to scratch and cry.

I think I might be over-tired too.  

Cranky girl needs a nap….maybe a massage and facial?  Yea!

Oh and some cheese to go along with all this whine.  Yea!

Maybe some wine too.  Most definitely. 

That should do the trick.  After some chocolate.