A Jane Austin Saturday Afternoon

In the early nineties I found the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice on TV.  I immediately got the VHS 5 tape book set of the movie.

Photo: A&E Pride and Prejudice

It’s my go to stay-at-home-alone company.

I did upgrade to the 10th anniversary DVD version.  I’ve almost worn it out.

I’ve tried other versions. They have their charm.  It’s just the time limitations that keep them just blah for me.  I gravitate back to the 1995 A&E because it takes the time to explore so much more of the story.  I love Lidia.  I love Mrs. Bennet.  I am enamored with the relationship between Lizzie and Darcy.  Kittie, Mary, Jane, and Lidia are given more emphasis.  Mr. Collins, The Colonel, Lady De Berg, Miss Bingly and her attraction to Mr. Darcy!  There is so much witty dialogue that has come to life within this movie that I didn’t get reading the book.

The drama, the social tension, the weak characters that appear to succeed while you are pulling for the plucky ones.  Poor Kittie..she is a mess, and so far behind Lidia, poor dear.  

My favorite scene is when Darcy finds Elizabeth at his home taking a tour (I don’t get that, but I digress).  When she leaves in the carriage, and turns to look at him….I could only gasp.  To have the man you love look at you with such intensity, why wouldn’t you jump out of the carriage?  That look.  That look.  I wouldn’t have left, ever.

Photo:  A&E Pride and Prejudice. 

Today…I’m grateful for time to cook, and enjoy my favorite movie version of Pride and Prejudice.

I’m grateful enough for time, just time to be just me.

Do you have a favorite version?  A favorite character?  Do you ever recite a witty line from Jane Austen and get a weird stare?
Share please!

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