Happy Friday


It’s always exciting when nature is close enough to touch.

This buck and his harem came around to see if we were the chow wagon.  It was pretty cool.

Unfortunately we were just there for the bees.

She shied away before I could give her a treat.  The treat for me was getting to hang out with them for a few minutes.

Have a great weekend!  Hope you get to spend some time with nature.

Thanks to Present of Presents for the inspiration!  She posted her recent her deer encounter, and I thought I’d share too.  

These fallow deer are the exotics our cousin raises on his ranch in central Texas.  The Indian Black Bucks he has wouldn’t come close enough for me to snap a pic directly, but you can catch a glimpse of one in the back of the top photo. He has the spiral single horns behind the group of fallow deer. 

Where ever you are, enjoy and have fun.

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. I like to walk on my lunch hour, and the grounds around my office building are veyr nice – lots of woods and greenery. As I was walking yesterday, a deer darted past me and into the deeper part of the woods. He (or she) paused for a moment, looked right at me – and I fumbled to get my iphone out for a photograph and just as I did, he darted into the woods. Still, for a moment, it was beautiful to have that wonderful creature looking straight at me.

    • isn’t it just the coolest? Sorry you couldn’t catch the pic, but the memory will last you a long time.
      Thanks Kate!

      Have a great weekend.

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