Harvest, surprising harvest


In all the rain, I thought the garden was “kaput”.  No sun, 10 inches of rain this month, disappointing tomatoes, no green beans.  Too much rain for good cucumbers….so I thought.

We had a little break in the deluge so I went to check the Veg.

I was really surprised to see the tomato cages all on their sides with dozens of red tomatoes looking at me.  I was completely shocked to see green beans, lots of beans, and some decent cucumbers….sadly all the zucchini was garbage.

I had to go back for baskets.  I’ve yet to break open one of the tomatoes to see if they are any good.  They did look pretty in the basket.

The green beans were nice, very plump, not a lot of string, and cooking right now for dinner.

I’m grateful that there was something living in the garden, I thought it was all gone.

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