Chili Verde

It’s always interesting to try a new recipe.  It looked good when I read it.

It turned out wonderful. Big chunks of fall apart-tender pork, a mild, savory green chili that was light enough for a rainy summer night.  

The Indian Fry bread that I had made on Wednesday took up all the goodness, and tied the meal together in a nice bow.  Besides, I didn’t have any good tortillas.

Simply Recipes was the website I got this treat.  I did not use the tomatillo husks, that seemed weird to me.
Also, I roasted all the garlic, I didn’t add the extra two cloves of garlic to the onions raw.  

Here’s how mine turned out.


Photos:  by Wendy (which is why the browned pork shoulder is a little blurry.) 😝

Once the pork was browned, and I started the onions, I did deglaze the pot to get all the yummy goodness off the bottom.  

It was a little labor intensive cleaning up the pork shoulder, and cutting up all the meat, but it was worth it.

Next time I make this, I’m going to try it with Venison.

Today:  I’m grateful for new recipes, the satisfaction of making a meal for my family, taking time to relish the simple things in life, and small accomplishments.

2 thoughts on “Chili Verde

  1. Looks delicious, Wendy! I’m not a big pork fan, so I’m curious as to how chicken may work with this. Thanks for the recipe!

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