The dearest of friends

I got the most beautiful text from my friend Rolanda aka Ralph from Oklahoma.

Just a little note of encouragement and a song.  She asked me to use it as a morning affirmation, and reminder, that there is ‘a lot of fight left in me’.

Of course, I cry through the whole thing.

I realized that I need to start listing to Pop radio, cause I have no clue about current music.  All the songs I’m listening to now, Ralph shared with me.  She knows all the words to Uptown Funk, and we would dance like crazy to it last time we saw each other.

This one is really cool, for anyone feeling a bit beat up, and pushing through.

Fight Song…Rachel Platten

Today, I’m grateful for new music, kind friends, words of encouragement, and the knowledge that I can encourage others even when I’m struggling myself.

Have a great Wednesday, ya’ll.

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