Happiness Sunday

It’s raining again.  Outside and in.

I reach for my uplifting songs, and I’m pleased that I don’t cry through all of them.

When the bad thoughts, doubts, fears, and self harassment stampede through my mind, I have to ‘on purpose’ start saying good things out loud.  I have to push the harassment aside, push away the darkness, and say loudly the good things that I want to focus on.

Part of my ritual when things get dark, is to sing.  I had to find some happy songs.  Most of these have been very popular, most of them are silly, but they do distract.  I like the Minions in the Happy Video, I always smile at the Minions.

Here’s my list:

Pharrell Williams:  Happy

Taylor Swift:  Shake it off

Meghan Trainor:  All About that Bass

Bruno Mars:  Uptown Funk

Today I’m grateful for rain, cleansing rain.  I’m grateful I can sing songs of praise, and songs of happiness.  I’m grateful for the strength to clean my house.  I’m grateful for my heart beat, and a physical body that works.

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