Allergic to the Letter “E” challenge response

My ‘friend’ and great PIA, from the VPUB has challenged me, and I must respond before we hit the road to check on the BEES!  I really must, you know how it is.  This exercise was really fun, really hard, and stretched my vocabulistics in a way that was a great challenge.


The Allergic to the Letter E Challenge:

1.  Write a whole paragraph without any word containing the letter “e”.
2.  By reading this you are already signed up.
3.  Challenge at other bloggers to do the challenge.
4.  If you fail or don’t participate suffer in the Page of Lame.
5.  If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.

Here it goes:

Bit by bit and around and around. I push, I play, I pound and pound.  I am.  I lust.  I brawl and bust.  Bit by bit, through pit and pond, I slink about and walk along. What am I?

OK….It’s more of a free form poem/riddle/thing.  But it counts!

My nominees are:  Edward Roads from my two sentencesLorrie Bowden, and Quoth The Wordsmith

There is no obligation, I’m just saying this is a fun stretching of your writing talent!





3 thoughts on “Allergic to the Letter “E” challenge response

    • You are my favorite PIA!

      Do you know what I had to do to create those few short lines?
      After several unsuccessful attempts at logical free formed writing….do you know what I did?

      I started the alphabet, and came up with as many words as possible that didn’t have E.

      Then I worked with tenses. Passive tenses and personal active worked best.

      I went with short words, to eliminate as many E’s as possible.

      I saw a pattern, and went it. It was a GREAT word work out!

      Thanks, my friend. I appreciate the challenge.

      • I’ll accept that as a term of endearment. :-). I plan on being your PIA for a long time. 🙂

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