Zucchini Bread

Zucchini has done well this year, not so much the yellow squash.

I spent this morning grating half the harvest for zucchini bread, pancakes, and latkes.

The other half I cut into circles to freeze for future use. 

The few you see in the picture, I picked today after I finished chopping and grating what I had.

I got 3 gallons of cut/grated produce for our future soups, stews, pancakes, and breads.

I got to make bread today to enjoy the freshness of the moment.

The bread is done.  My home is full of fresh baked goodness, it’s pretty awesome.

How do you like your Zucchini?

Do you “zoodle”?  Those are pretty fun too.

Tomorrow, I start the pickles.  The cucumbers will outpace the zucchini 3-1. 

Don’t get me started on the tomatoes, they are starting to get red, and I will get to start making salsa.  I have Roma’s, some beautiful beefsteak, some cherry tomatoes, and early girls.  They are beautiful.  I’m ready for Caprese salads, marinated tomato salads, and pasta sauce.  

It’s going to be awesome.

Today, I’m grateful for the opportunity to utilize what’s in our garden….For the strength to clean my kitchen 3 times….for a KitchenAide Stand Mixer to make things easier…for the simple tasks that make my house a home.

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