Snake farm…Drama Drama Drama!“>

Ray Wylie Hubbard is the only Bard who can bring this situation the music it deserves. It is a sing along….not exactly Kum Bai Ya, if you know what I mean, but it’s catchy.

We had our own version of Snake Farm this evening.  The floods pushed the rats out first, the snakes soon followed.

These were the biggest snakes we have seen in the 8 years we’ve been here.

They might have been Moccasins, they might have been Rat Snakes.  But when they flatten their heads and strike like a viper, they get to meet the wrong end of the shovel.

I was picking beans when we found them.  They were in my garden, not cool.

The one you see to the left of the screen was about 3 1/2 feet long, the one on the right was close to 5 feet, and was quite heavy to dispose of….they must have been feasting on some big rodents.

I want to thank my friend Rob, and the VPUB for instructing me how to insert a You Tube Video correctly!  Thanks!

I want to thank my men, my husband David, and son Zach who sent the beasts to their reward.  Quite the team effort to save the Mama.  I’m very grateful.



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