Melting ice, poetry, and grapefruit

i have this poem stampeding through my brain.  It’s woken me up twice, but I can’t translate it from my brain to the paper.

Photo credit

Then I got hungry and saw this on Pinterest.  Ironic that the sight that had the Robert Frost quote is

The photo made my mouth water, and I started thinking about what a surprising and lovely flavor combination.  And it’s Healthy too!  Progress away from the crying over Girl Scout cookies, and gaining weight on my diet!



Photo credit:  simply
So my poem is frozen, the stove of my creativity is off, and I’m headed to the store to buy avocado and grapefruit? 

My ramblings and musings are more wandering and…….Squirell!

Credit:  Disney Pixar “Up”

Have a great Tuesday.

May your thoughts be more coherent than mine today, may your creative stoves be red hot, and all your endeavors…..uninterrupted.

6 thoughts on “Melting ice, poetry, and grapefruit

  1. Hahahahaha. I hope the stove of my creativity burns at high temperatures.
    Ummmmmm, looks like a great salad. We get huge honking avocados here. My hubby and I are huge guacamole fans. Just made some last night actually.
    So did you make and eat the salad?

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