I got a cool package today!

On my front porch was a lovely box.  It was from a fellow blogger Marla aka Crazy Mom at Justmakethecoffee.com  You have to go visit her blog.  It’s uplifting, has great photography, fun stories, “cuteness alerts”. I have to go visit her website when I just need to calm down.

She posted recently that some of her photos were being transformed into mugs, calendars, etc and sold at the cutest little shop near her.  I had to have a mug, so I contacted her, and ordered one.  It came today.

I had to open it right away!

I was torn between what I liked best, the note….. 


Or the really cool mug I get to use tomorrow.   Isn’t it awesome?  I love a goat who smirks, it shows such Panashe, such personality!

 It’s the little kind moments that have the biggest impact.

Thanks Marla, best wishes with your animals, and your business venture.  

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