What do you enjoy?


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately in my musings on the rest of my life.  What do I enjoy, and what do I want to do?

I don’t want to go into happiness.  Happiness is a state of being, a balance of attitude, will, circumstance and emotion.

It’s midnight on a Monday, I can’t sleep, but I’m not ‘unhappy’.  If it was Sunday 2 am and no sleep, I could be profoundly unhappy about that.  Capricious, I know.

What puts a smile on your face, a sigh in your breath, a contentment to your soul?

So….what is it?

For me, I love to sneak up on the day.  The thought of waking up before the sun to watch it rise, brings profound enjoyment.

Great conversations with witty, intelligent people keep me going for a long time.

I’ve recently discovered I adore Zumba!  It is the biggest kick to learn new routines, and have fun while working out.  I just grin from ear to ear with sweat pouring down my face.

Random acts of kindness to strangers…I was at the grocery store, and in the parking lot there was a man struggling with putting the groceries in his truck and a rambunctious toddler.  He got the groceries in, but was wrangling the little girl into her car seat.  I put his cart up for him when I took mine to the cart rack.  When I walked back he thanked me and had a huge smile on his face.  It was a little thing, but It was nice, it did us both good, and cost absolutely nothing.

Preparing a special meal means enjoyment for me.  Taking time to put love in my food for my family.

Writing holds a special place in my heart.  I enjoy putting words together, expressing myself as simply as possible.  The last two years on WordPress has been a blast, and I’ve come a very long way since my first post!


So many people don’t understand me at all.  I’m not sure why, I’m pretty simple.  But when I find someone who ‘gets me’, oh my word, am I over the moon!

I enjoy laughter.  I found a funny “Friends” snippet between Chandler and Joey.  I laughed till I had tears running down my face! My husband had no clue why I thought it was so funny, I must have needed that laugh.


Well I guess in light of all this I need a job where I can get up early, cook, talk to great people, laugh, and be kind to strangers.

I’ll be down at the IHop filling out my application when the sun comes up.


What do you enjoy?  What makes you smile?



Sunday Smiles

A robust day of cooking for the week ahead.  We are expanding our nutrition, and working through the Fast Metabolism Plan of Haley Pomroy.

I’m still taking my coconut oil, coconut water, and bee pollen.  No noticeable difference in feeling better, but my recent blood tests came back greatly improved.  Cholesterol down, the icky estrogen dominance has been obliterated, my hemoglobin was perfect!

We did this plan about 18 months ago, and it was quite successful.

The trick is to plan ahead, cook like crazy, and eat the 5 times a day (which is really hard).

I will not give up my coffee, as the plan insists.  That’s just un-American.  And I require coffee as a necessity.😛

If I make some good progress, I will let you know,

When I looked at all of my achievements for today, it made me smile.

  1. A pork tenderloin with carrots, onions, and peppers.  Monday night dinner.
  2. Chicken breasts with sweet potatoes.  Wednesday night dinner.
  3. Butternut squash Soup.  Lunch anytime.
  4. A cauliflower pizza crust.  Sunday night veggie pizza.
  5. Turkey and asparagus roll ups with mustard.  Wednesday and Thursday snacks
  6. Sautéed spinach and egg white scrambles. Wednesday and Thursday breakfast. 
  7. Steel cut oatmeal and strawberries.  Monday and Tuesday breakfast.
  8. A big batch of quinoa for the stuffed zucchini squash boats.  Tuesday night Dinner. 

I’ll grocery shop again on Thursday for the weekend goodies.

My plan is in place, and I’m looking forward to the improved nutrition, improved health, and hopefully lighter in weight. 


A Jane Austin Saturday Afternoon

In the early nineties I found the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice on TV.  I immediately got the VHS 5 tape book set of the movie.

Photo: A&E Pride and Prejudice

It’s my go to stay-at-home-alone company.

I did upgrade to the 10th anniversary DVD version.  I’ve almost worn it out.

I’ve tried other versions. They have their charm.  It’s just the time limitations that keep them just blah for me.  I gravitate back to the 1995 A&E because it takes the time to explore so much more of the story.  I love Lidia.  I love Mrs. Bennet.  I am enamored with the relationship between Lizzie and Darcy.  Kittie, Mary, Jane, and Lidia are given more emphasis.  Mr. Collins, The Colonel, Lady De Berg, Miss Bingly and her attraction to Mr. Darcy!  There is so much witty dialogue that has come to life within this movie that I didn’t get reading the book.

The drama, the social tension, the weak characters that appear to succeed while you are pulling for the plucky ones.  Poor Kittie..she is a mess, and so far behind Lidia, poor dear.  

My favorite scene is when Darcy finds Elizabeth at his home taking a tour (I don’t get that, but I digress).  When she leaves in the carriage, and turns to look at him….I could only gasp.  To have the man you love look at you with such intensity, why wouldn’t you jump out of the carriage?  That look.  That look.  I wouldn’t have left, ever.

Photo:  A&E Pride and Prejudice. 

Today…I’m grateful for time to cook, and enjoy my favorite movie version of Pride and Prejudice.

I’m grateful enough for time, just time to be just me.

Do you have a favorite version?  A favorite character?  Do you ever recite a witty line from Jane Austen and get a weird stare?
Share please!

Happy Friday


It’s always exciting when nature is close enough to touch.

This buck and his harem came around to see if we were the chow wagon.  It was pretty cool.

Unfortunately we were just there for the bees.

She shied away before I could give her a treat.  The treat for me was getting to hang out with them for a few minutes.

Have a great weekend!  Hope you get to spend some time with nature.

Thanks to Present of Presents for the inspiration!  She posted her recent her deer encounter, and I thought I’d share too.  

These fallow deer are the exotics our cousin raises on his ranch in central Texas.  The Indian Black Bucks he has wouldn’t come close enough for me to snap a pic directly, but you can catch a glimpse of one in the back of the top photo. He has the spiral single horns behind the group of fallow deer. 

Where ever you are, enjoy and have fun.



Sometimes when you stumble, you get the full frontal knowledge of humble.

It’s difficult to move forward effectively when you are looking backwards.

Walking the dogs this morning, I started pouring over the last year.  The trials, the arguments, the obstinacy, the irrational selfishness, the materialistic, petty, stupidity over crappy ‘stuff’…..It ran like a movie through my head.  The look on my mother’s face as she cursed me, belittled my efforts, and demanded more and more while extolling the virtues of her enabling co-dependent friends.  All the while I watched as things fell apart around her, and was powerless to act on her behalf.  The law suit from the step siblings over things that my brother and I never wanted and told them we would make sure got back to them.  Not being able to get my brother to listen to the medical issues, and the concerns I had.  Not being able to function on my job.  Hospitals, funeral homes, airports, rental cars, consultations, rehabilitation sites, physical therapy, plans, interference.  Ka BOOM!

It literally took falling down on my face in the sidewalk to get the movie to stop playing in my head.

I had two wet noses in my face, checking me over in two shakes of a dog’s tail.

Sweet dogs to give me kisses of encouragement, stood by till I brushed myself off, shook the cobwebs and bad memories from my brain, wiped the tears from my face, and gave them a good petting to thank them for their selfless love for me.

When I got home, my phone rang.  My husband calling to check in for the morning heard the stress in my voice.  I got another talking to about my posture, my skin, and how I’ve lost my sparkle.  He went on to tell me how important it is for me to keep focusing on taking care of myself.  Ouch.

On the positive side, I know he is concerned for me.  I’m getting better, but I’m still not fully recovered from all of the events from last year through May.

Humbled.  I’ve stumbled, and I’m humbled.  Time to work on getting better, and that means looking forward, not behind.

I’m very grateful today to have a man who loves me enough to confront me in my state, encourage me to do better, and gives me the time and space to do it.

I’m grateful for puppy dogs to kiss me better when I fall.

I’m grateful for reminders, to keep looking forward….the best is yet to be.

3 day quote challenge day 3


Yes!  Dr. Seuss had a way with a rhyme.  He’s been on my mind all week.  Every time I open one of his books, I’m flooded with the memories of reading to my boys.  I think we had Go Dog Go, Are You My Mother, and Fox in Sox memorized for many years.  My oldest and I would have contest to see who could read passages from Fox in Sox faster.  We would end up running out of breath laughing.

So today’s Quote reminds me to Trouble my Trouble.  Isn’t attitude everything?  

To review where we have been the last 3 days:

  1. My dinner companion Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote on being above time, by being fully engage as yourself, in the present.
  2. The Great CS Lewis reminds us that it is tyranny to take away freedom “for our own good” so that a government can take care of us.
  3. Finishing up with the incomparable Dr. Seuss with a reminder that our attitude toward a problem can make all the difference in the world.

Thanks to Elizabeth from Tea And Paper for inviting me to participate in the challenge, it’s been tremendous fun.

I’d like to invite Bob & Rogene Robbins at Espirational: A 10 minute vacation for the soul to join in.

3 day quote challenge day 2


Thanks Elizabeth from Tea and Paper for inviting me to participate in the 3 day quote challenge.

I had to think long and hard about this one.  Maybe I’m just a little nostalgic of the days of self sufficiency.  Maybe I’m struggling with if I’m “enabling” someone I love not to do their best.

Anyhow.  Cheers to CS Lewis, his views, his stories, his ability.
I’d like to nominate Lucy from All the Right Choices to join the fun.

3 day Quote Challenge–Day 1


Ralph Waldo Emerson

“These roses under my window make no reference to former roses or to better ones; they are for what they are; they exist with God to-day. There is no time to them. There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence. Before a leaf-bud has burst, its whole life acts; in the full-blown flower there is no more; in the leafless root there is no less. Its nature is satisfied, and it satisfies nature, in all moments alike. But man postpones, or remembers; he does not live in the present, but with a reverted eye laments the past, or, heedless of the riches that surround him, stands on tiptoe to foresee the future. He cannot be happy and strong until he too lives with nature in the present, above time.”

Excerpt From: Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson.” iBooks.  Essay: Self Reliance.

I want to thank Elizabeth from Tea and paper for inviting me to this 3 day quote challenge.

You have to check out her blog, she is a great photographer, and has great commentary on life…fun nail polish too!  All around fun for everyone.

Like Elizabeth who started with her favorite author, I started with mine.  My dear Emerson has been a faithful dining companion since I rediscovered him 4 years ago.  He’s been my traveling companion, teacher, corrector, and muse.  When I get stuck on something, I wonder if Ralph has had anything to say about it.

This particular quote on being where you are, and what you are speaks to me quite loudly.  When we are at harmony with ourselves, being, and living with authenticity we do live ‘above time’ in the present.

I’d like to nominate Lorrie Bowden for the quote challenge.  She writes some very cool poetry, and takes lovely photos.

One Liners


The challenge from Rob at  the VPub is to join in the 1 liner experience.  I am up for the challenge!


1. Write one line in the ongoing story, in italics.
2. Pass the challenge onto the next victim/Nominee.
3. Link back to your nominator.
4. Link back to Me, Waffles, if you could please, this could be very interesting.
5. Copy and paste all the previous story and add your line.

And the story goes…

It was a warm sunny day and sea was a almost transparent shade of blue.
I lay there, watching the waves lap on the shore, a drink in hand, a tear rolling down my cheek.
I stand up yelling at that boy who threw this load of sand into my eyes and my drink when he jumped over me.
I then grabbed my water gun, running fast after him, I was laughing, he was jumping over people to escape. He turned to look at me, but didn’t see the two children in front of him carrying two delicious looking ice cream cones.

As he barreled into the children, knocking the ice-cream from their grasp, I caught one of the scoops of pistachio and hurled it at his head as I fell laughing to the ground!

My nominee for this challenge is:  Beth from I Didn’t have my Glasses On.

What fun!  Thanks Rob from the VPub!

Harvest, surprising harvest


In all the rain, I thought the garden was “kaput”.  No sun, 10 inches of rain this month, disappointing tomatoes, no green beans.  Too much rain for good cucumbers….so I thought.

We had a little break in the deluge so I went to check the Veg.

I was really surprised to see the tomato cages all on their sides with dozens of red tomatoes looking at me.  I was completely shocked to see green beans, lots of beans, and some decent cucumbers….sadly all the zucchini was garbage.

I had to go back for baskets.  I’ve yet to break open one of the tomatoes to see if they are any good.  They did look pretty in the basket.

The green beans were nice, very plump, not a lot of string, and cooking right now for dinner.

I’m grateful that there was something living in the garden, I thought it was all gone.