Nutritional update



Well.  It’s the end of week 3.  I’ve gained some weight.  I’m exercising more, eating less, taking very good care of my health with organic foods, bee pollen, coconut oil, lemon water, lots of hydration, meditation, relaxation…..and I gained weight.

My skin still looks stressed, even with the evening bath of coconut oil.  My hair….don’t get me started on the wiry mess on my head.  With the mood I’m in I might just shave it all off.

Last night, my loving man told me that ‘for a minute there, you looked pretty like you used to’.  I know he’s left handed and all, but his compliments don’t need to be.  Poor, sweet man, he doesn’t know how close he came from getting a frying pan to the back of his big head.

Not that I really want to cry, but come on!


I might just have to have a tantrum, and a glass of wine….maybe more.  Pity parties aren’t complete without a little “whine”!

Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day.  Maybe I can Zumba some of this doom and gloom off. As long as I don’t run around screaming “SERENITY NOW!” like a certain Seinfeld character, I will have made some progress.

Today I’m grateful for letting go of some frustration, reality checks, new followers,(welcome ya’ll…I’m usually not this scary)and dogs to comfort me while I contemplate the stash of girl scout cookies I hid in the freezer for just such emergencies.

If I’m going to gain weight, I want to enjoy it!

7 thoughts on “Nutritional update

  1. Maybe you’re gaining muscle (which is heavier) if you’re eating right and working out. Maybe it’s inches lost and not the number of pounds you should consider? It’s a struggle trying to lose a few pounds; believe me, I know! 🙂

    • Thanks my friend. I really want to keep going, and keep balanced too. I’ve gotten way too stressed out, and for my health and well being, I have to take better care of myself. Reality checks are hard things. I can’t undo a year of stress in 3 weeks. I guess I was a little too hopeful that results would come more quickly. 🙂

      • keep on keeping up the good fight and remember there are no setbacks. As long as your working and putting up an effort you ARE Winning no matter what a scale says.

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