Sunshine, who me?


I’m so thankful to be nominated for this sweet, lovely, wonderful award by Rob at the VPub, if you haven’t visited his awesome Blog, you need to.  I love his tag line, ‘Friends without Borders’.

I have to ask him how he inserts You Tube videos into his posts.  He has great music, and I want to play along too.

Here’s the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you. Nominate a few other bloggers. Notify the bloggers on their blog.

Here’s Rob’s questions:

1.  Have you ever had an outbreak of Laughter that was inappropriate?

Well, not this week, but plenty last week.  The worst had to have been at my mother’s funeral last December.  She had instructed us to place the ashes of husband number 2 in her coffin with her.  We didn’t know that was against ‘funeral regulations’, but the funeral guys were cool with us, since they are related…..So here’s how it went down.

We got the box that had Number 2 in it (inappropriate starts now).  We snuck the box in through side doors, keeping guard at the main entrance to the viewing.  My sister-in-law had number 2 under her coat, I held the door, my husband moved the casket spray and lifted the lid covering my mom’s feet.  Sister-in-law slid number 2 under Mom’s feet.  I thought it ironic at the time.  Number 2 was a bit difficult, if you know what I mean.

When we got back from the viewing, there was a box on the kitchen counter that looked suspiciously like Number 2.  I started freaking out asking who brought Number 2 back to the house, who caught us putting number 2 in the casket, and were we in trouble?

We all fell down laughing when we realized it was the gift box from the funeral home with the thank you cards, brochures, hand out’s etc.

Highly inappropriate, but one of the funniest moments in history for me.

2.  What is my typical breakfast?

Usually one egg scrambled with salsa in a tortilla.

3.  What is your favorite weekend recreation?

Motorcycle riding.  Give me a spring day with lots of sunshine, and let me loose on the bike.

4.  Do you prefer Days or Nights?

I’m an early girl.  I think one of the most fascinating things is to wake up early and sneak up on the sunrise.

5.  What Book are you currently reading?

“The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer  I’m not sure why I thought it would be better.  It was touted to be like “Eat, Pray, Love” but it’s more like a former stripper giving us her life experience with no real lesson involved, and lot’s of talk about her band and how great she is, and how she can get people to give her what she needs.

Blogs I’d like to nominate for this lovely award are:, Elizabeth takes great photos, and has some really uplifting things to say.  Forgotten  lovely Haiku, poetry and thoughts.  And   Meredith shares some great views on the reality we all have to face.

My questions would be as follows:

1.  Do you think that it is ever appropriate to be angry?  Why?

2.  How do you let go of things that bother you?

3.  What is the most fun you have had in the last 30 days?

4.  What kind of humor do you enjoy?  Slapstick, dry, knock-knock jokes?

5.  If you could meet anyone, Living or Dead, who and why?

10 thoughts on “Sunshine, who me?

  1. Loved it! Wonderful answers to the questions!! To add a YouTube video, I click on add media/from URL and paste the YouTube video URL.

  2. Heyyyyy, congratulations Wendy. Rob is great, isn’t he. We’ve been virtual buddies for over a year and a half now. I’m jealous that you are able to get up early enough to see the sunrise. I still have yet to witness a beautiful sunrise first thing in the morning.

  3. Oh my gosh ~ number 2 ~ my parents have the same deal. Dad passed already but Mom’s still here. Sorry about your parents…but I thank you for the giggle and the tears that ran down my face. I know it was so inappropriate…I’m sorry. But I get it. We snuck Dad into his own repast because Mom said he couldn’t miss his own party. A lil awkward, but humorous too. He would have loved the antics ~ surely he was watching from above. Hope you are experiencing peacefilled mornings that you energize with a bike ride after b’fast and hope you change books soon! giggle giggle

    • Mom was married 4 times. #2 and #3 preceded her in death. She’s buried next to #3, on the other side from his 3rd wife with #2’s name and dates under hers on the memorial. I’m sure they are all having a big party in that particular plot.
      We are still sorting out estate issues from last November….blended families don’t always work out.

  4. Hi Wendy, congrats on the award. Thanks very much for nominating my blog, but my blog is an award free blog, it’s quite time consuming to keep up with all the awards, I prefer to use my blog time to visit and comment on the lovely blogs like yours. 🙂

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