Growing things


Little Green tomato peeking out at me.


Here comes the squash.  See it?


Squash blossom….female.

Did you know that squash and zucchini have female and male flowers?  Very important to keep an eye on pollination.  They need bees.

I’ve been so grumpy this morning, until I got outside and spent some time in the sunshine and the dirt.


6 thoughts on “Growing things

  1. I’m jealous. I wish I had fresh produce growing. Hmmmm, maybe one day I’ll get around to it.
    I get very grumpy without the sun. That’s why living in Brazil is so good for me. It’s starting to get cold though, because our winter is approaching. That means it’s harder to get out of bed, and I’m a lot more prone to depression. Yikes.

    • I can’t do without my tomatoes or sunshine!

      It’s a process to get going again after a big move, everything changes. But that’s often the spark for lots of creative ideas.

      Thanks for all your kind comments. I look forward to reading more from you on your blog.

  2. I’ve just started to plant my garden. This year I’m planting sweet potatoes, blue potatoes, sun gold tomatoes, red lettuce, basil, rosemary and purple dragon carrots. I love home grown veggies.

    • I haven’t tried potatoes before, I’ve always wanted to. Maybe this fall, when things cool off. We get quite hot and muggy here in the summer, things in the ground tend to cook, rather than grow.
      Can’t wait to hear how it goes.
      We have lots of herbs too. Love the Rosemary, it’s my favorite. We have oregano, parsley and basil to round things out.

      • The potatoes have been easy so far. I put down some manure in the spring and just water after that. It gets hot n’ muggy here in the summer, too (Massachusetts). It hasn’t seemed to bother them, though. I’ll have to get oregano and parsley, too. I nearly forgot, so thank you. I also grow sweet mint. Nothing like a cool mojito with freshley picked mint.

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