To meet a warrior, is a special experience.

To hear a warrior tell his story is humbling.

When he pulls his breath in sharply through his teeth, and clamps down on visible emotions running across his face….we all held our breath, then I wept.

To watch a warrior laugh with his friend gave me a glimps into a special world.

To get an autographed copy of Lone Survivor, my husband will be jealous. 

Shaking the Warrior’s hand, and saying thank you seemed like the most paltry response to such an overwhelming sacrifice of blood, bone, and limb.

Emotionally wrecked after 2 hours of Chad Flemming and Marcus Lutrell…..we are so fortunate to have such men serve to protect our nation.  The situation deserved some serious quiet reflection.  

The most poignant question asked by Marcus Lutrell was “why are your friends, your friends?”  He went on to propose that you don’t really have good friends, until you go through something tough together.  Marcus, had and has some tremendous friends.

If you ever have the opportunity to see either of these Warriors speak, regardless of your political view, their human experience, and their drive to succeed, win, and overcome terrible obstacles is inspiring.

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