Dreams, dreams, dreams and restoration. 


I’ve written about my bad dreams before. They usually are about me being in a large structure, a mall, a convention center, an apartment/ high rise structure.  I usually have to help someone else get out.  We run through the back halls, dining rooms, kitchens, laundrys.  The halls always squeeze us down, and get smaller and smaller.  I always wake up before I get out.

My dreams have changed a little….they wrecked me out last night. 

Instead of convention centers or hotels…they moved to freeways…..Big 4 lane interstate freeways, I’m driving 70-80 miles per hour when I see an obstruction.  This dream, it was an overturned dirt truck with the load spilled out onto the freeway 4 feet high, closing down all lanes, and the cars and trucks had to pull off to the grass and negotiate muddy passes to get around.  One lone little guy and a small shovel taking teaspoon by teaspoon full of dirt off the pile at a time…….smiling at me.

I got around the first obstruction, and through the mud.  I made my way back up to speed, and the next one comes.  Instead of muddy trails to get me back on track  it’s sand.  My vehicle is stuck and I’m barefoot.  

I get out of the car into the hot sand, and there are holes everywhere.  Every hole has a puppy, on its back trying to escape what has ahold of it.  I can’t reach them, and I can’t help them. 

There is a small cinder block building ahead, and I make my way toward it.  As I enter, I’m grateful for shelter.  What I don’t see immediately is that the whole cement floor is covered with little rattle snakes that are biting my bare feet as I try to get out of the building.  They are all little, and mostly green.  Vividly green, biting, rattling, little vipers overtaking my feet as I head to the door.  I escape with my feet left in the threshold, trying to pull my way out in the sand.

Faith says. Rest.

Fear says. Move.

I must follow faith.  Rest…..time to rest.

I would really like to rest tonight and enjoy a dreamless sleep.

Do you dream?

What do you notice about your dreams and the amount of stress in your life?

What do you think about dreams?

Do you think that faith has anything to do with dreams?

Please share your thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Dreams, dreams, dreams and restoration. 

  1. My dreams are super random but often reflect the state of mind I’m in at the time of the dream. My last dream I partially remember was me as a child back home on the east coast. I was playing a Pinball machine while eating a Charleston Chew and my mom was telling me to maw the lawn. Then she was screaming at me to get outside. That is when I woke up feeling angry at my mom. I have not idea what that dream was about and have been looking for a Charleston Chew ever since.

    • A Charleston Chew! I hadn’t thought about those in years. That’s awesomely vivid. Sorry your dream made you mad at your mom.
      Dreams are very interesting, and it amazes me how some stick with me and some don’t.

  2. Wendy, I have vivid dreams nearly every night. Like yours, mine often involve a high rise building, sometimes a hotel where I am trying to get to my room but can’t remember what floor I am on. They also often involve my trying to call for help but my phone is out of order, leading me to fruitlessly find someone who will let me borrow theirs. I sometimes dream of snakes, but fortunately they are far and few between!

    • Ooooh snake dreams are icky. I didn’t like the snakes in my dream at all. I didn’t like the sand either.

      I find it very interesting that people can have similar dreams. But I guess if we can share similar feelings and circumstances it should be expected… What do you think?

      • I think you are right. I’ve read a little bit about dreams and it does seem that certain objects, animals, etc. have specific meanings. Two other things I often dream about are being in an unfamiliar house and bridges. It really is interesting!

      • I’m going to have to investigate the research on dreams. I have the same ones too often.
        If we all have a projector running in our heads when we are sleeping, maybe there is some insight.
        Thanks for your awesome comments!

  3. Hi Wendy, some dreams are only our mind processing some event, but when you have this kind of constant dream I believe it’s the mind send you some message, you need to change, to modify something in your life, it’s like when the body needs help we feel pain, when the mind needs help the dreams show up. Recently I can’t sleep either, now it’s almost 4 am, and I’m wake since 2 am, I don’t remember if it was a dream that woke me up, but maybe the day stress that hasn’t run out yet. I hope you had a great night!

    • Sorry you can’t sleep. I go through that sometimes. Thanks for the great words on dreams. I’m struggling in a couple of areas professionally, and I need to keep my focus on coming out on the other side, instead of focusing on the issues.
      Hope you get your rest soon.

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