Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge Day Three

Thanks Elizabeth from who invited me to participate in this 5 day challenge!

The “challenge”. Post a photo each day for 5 consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Elizabeth’s photos are outstanding. If you haven’t visited her blog….you should!


Dewberry Patch


I laugh at myself.  This picture of the dewberry patch inspires a story that won’t be told, a poem that is absolutely horrible, and yet I still want to post this picture.  I took it while I was walking the dogs, and I’m hoping that my neighbors who walk the same route won’t know what these lovelies are, until I’ve picked a few quarts.

When the weather is warm, and the rain falls softly, we get this beautiful gift of fat, juicy, sweet, tart berries that turn your fingers purple with the picking.

The locals always call it Purple Passion, and will warn you to watch out for snakes amidst the brambles and vines.  The snakes wait for the birds, that are more passionate about this treat than us humans.  Once the birds have had their fill, you can find their purple droppings everywhere.  Be thankful if you don’t have a white car when the dewberries are ripe, because you will have purple spots on your vehicle if you park it outside for any time when those purple berries are plentiful.

Dewberries are like a blackberry, but a bit bigger.

We can expect our harvest in a few weeks.  They are generally gone by Mother’s day.

So if you are out traveling the Texas roads, and you see people out with their buckets, high boots, and snake sticks….they are probably capturing some Purple Passion while they can.

So today, I’m grateful to find an abundance of dewberry flowers, and a big patch to watch ripen.

I would like to invite Beth from to join in the fun of the Five Day Photo Challenge.  Her blog is a wonderful display of observations, humor, quotes, and inspiration.  I think you would enjoy visiting her, even if she chooses not to participate in the challenge.  So go check out her blog;

2 thoughts on “Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge Day Three

  1. Hi Wendy, yummy fruit, I love all the wild berries, here we have several of them, but I don’t think we have this kind, I haven’t seen any snake close the ones I know. I haven’t seen the Instagram button here, do you have instagram, if not you should, lots of beautiful photos and fun in there. Your photos are great!

  2. Wow! Coming from you that is a humbling and awesome compliment. Thank you! I haven’t done Instagram, so I’m not familiar with them. I’ve been Facebook free for two years now. I get a little too caught up in social media, awful confession. It makes me a little cautious to venture out.😦
    Thanks for inviting me to the challenge. Most of my WordPress buds follow this format as their regular modus operandi, so not a lot of takers on my invitation. But I have found, even if someone doesn’t accept and invitation, there is still honor of being asked.
    When the fruit comes, and I get the harvest, I will post some photos of the pies and cobblers.

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