Happy Friday!


I initially saw this on the Wine Wankers post, and thought it was brilliant.

Well…maybe not cerebral brilliance, but very relatable as my hormones are making my life “interesting.”

Happy Friday everyone.  Have a lovely weekend, wherever you might be.

On the River


A simple meal, on a beautiful balcony.  Rhythm and blues playing in the background while the soft S. Texas breeze messes up my hair…who cares.

Today I am grateful for lovely views, good music, better sales calls, and a break to take in the beauty around me.

If you have a moment to take time to be still.  Take in what’s around you, and find some joy.

Honeysuckle mornings

Have you ever been walking on a beautiful spring morning when a fragrance catches your attention?

You know the flowers are blooming, but this is something different.  


You follow your nose, around the corner, and see a wonder.

Early blooming honeysuckle vines, hidden from view, but filling the air with their sweetness.

Today, I’m so thankful for the unexpected enjoyment of finding a little gift to enjoy.

Enjoy your day, and I hope you find a treasure.

Feeling the rain


Epic storms last night, flash flood warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, the sound of the rain on the roof pounded for hours.

In the still of the early morning, it was beautiful to hear the birds sing.

Today I am very grateful for rain.  I’m so thankful to wake up to bird song, and watery sunshine peeking through the clouds.

We will have more rain through next week.  

Do you feel the rain?  Or do you just get wet?

I’ve been on both sides of that question.  I’m glad to be on the feeling side of it today.



In sales, I have learned that getting anyone to change their habits and use your product or service is the toughest part of the job, even if they love the superiority, and ease of use, old habits die hard.

As a woman, I find that giving up old habits, old mind sets is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done.

It’s so easy to fall into what’s comfortable.  But it isn’t always beneficial.

Today I am grateful for gentle reminders, as old habits die of starvation.  They aren’t fully dead yet, but they are looking mighty sickly.

Mr. “Demanding little dog”


The intensity of a herding dog.  My Rascal lives to play.  I adore the way he settles in to “wait” for me to throw the frisbee.

One of these days I will be prepared with the video to show him growling and yapping at me in his impatience to play more.

He wil actually reposition the frisbee closer to me, yip, growl, and resettle himself if I don’t play on his schedule.

Demanding little dog…I wonder if he thinks I’m his sheep?

Dreams and more dreams


Photo:  drangonquestadventure.com 

Wild dreaming of mountains and needs.  Helping and having to hurry.  Not meeting the deadline for someone not grateful.

So when my appointments canceled on me today, I went to plan B and kept moving forward.

I got to thinking about the frustration dreams lately, and I came to believe that they are directing me to a change of plans.  The obvious plans might change, but the quest remains the same.

Gotta shake it off and keep moving.

Today I am grateful for plan B.