Keep Austin Weird, and well fed

What a day to be in Central Texas.

I love Austin.  The traffic is horrible, there is always a Nut causing delays.  I mean, what what’s a peanut mobile without a personalized license plate?


What you don’t always realize is that there might be a Midway around the corner. 


I’m always hungry but these choices are overwhelming.  Lobster Rolls, Tai Fusion, Street Tacos, yummmm.





Where to sit on such a gorgeous day? A Blue Pony seat?  For sure!




I picked the Pony Bench, I mean, why not?

Once you finish your meal, you could have a custom ice cream sandwich.  I didn’t realize that food product had been elevated to Architecture.



When you have eaten your fill…you can do the responsible thing and go work out.  Enjoy an open air spin class or boot camp work out.   This is a full service Midway.



Remember, this is Austin, Tx and everyone has to be in shape, green, and a foodie.  You can do that all right here at the Midway.  The Midway is located on Loop 360 just north or Barton Creek Mall.  Go….it’s so much fun.  There are horses in the trees.  


I highly recommend the Gyro.



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