Few have died


Cooking this weekend.

My new marinade for chicken was a big hit.  I cleaned up the kitchen after the meal.  Where did they all go?

The big breakfast with hash browns and eggs..a really big hit.  I cleaned up again…where did they run away to?

The pork shoulder slow cooked till it fell appart set in tacos with cabbage and a lovely southwest spicy mayo….made my heart sing.  Is the race starting?  Oh, it must be the golf that has me cleaning up again. 

No one has died yet.  It must be successful, right?

Jeesh…I almost opened a food truck.  Better to just make the ones I love suffer through my cooking. 😳

I mean, why open a food truck and clean up after more folks than right here at home?

The lesson in all this is know your own strengths, and do your best.

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