Sometimes a girl just has to cook.

bad dreams on this day light savings day change.

My bad dreams are always about getting out of a large structure…a hotel, airport, convention center.  I usually miss a flight, lose my luggage, can’t connect with someone, or can’t find my way out.

I was wrecked when I got up.  I set my mind to finish something.  So I cleaned.

It wasn’t enough.

I did laundry.

It wasn’t enough.

I cooked….it was really good.   The only accomplishment of today note worthy…so I took pictures. (Like you would love to see pictures of folded laundry, or scrubbing sinks, toilets, or tubs.)

Venison stew.

My husband calls this “last supper” bread.

We ate it all.

Tomorrow will be better.  Even if I have to cook again.  After I clean the kitchen, again.

Focusing on enjoying the small accomplishments, no matter how simple, or fleeting.  It all has to be done again.

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