Cluttered to cleared

My thoughts have been very dark for the last few weeks.  

As panic set in and desperation threatened to take over, I knew if I didn’t make a change, I would spiral out of control and lose this battle I have been thrust into.

I cannot lose.  I cannot quit till I win.

My dark thoughts have to be replaced.  It will be an exersize of will, and conscious effort.

It will be a gift of Grace and Favor that will pull me through.

Keep me in your best thoughts and prayers. 



Today I am grateful for supportive friends, loving husband, Faith in Jesus, reminders that I am an overcomer, and sweet puppy dogs.  

Keep Austin Weird, and well fed

What a day to be in Central Texas.

I love Austin.  The traffic is horrible, there is always a Nut causing delays.  I mean, what what’s a peanut mobile without a personalized license plate?


What you don’t always realize is that there might be a Midway around the corner. 


I’m always hungry but these choices are overwhelming.  Lobster Rolls, Tai Fusion, Street Tacos, yummmm.





Where to sit on such a gorgeous day? A Blue Pony seat?  For sure!




I picked the Pony Bench, I mean, why not?

Once you finish your meal, you could have a custom ice cream sandwich.  I didn’t realize that food product had been elevated to Architecture.



When you have eaten your fill…you can do the responsible thing and go work out.  Enjoy an open air spin class or boot camp work out.   This is a full service Midway.



Remember, this is Austin, Tx and everyone has to be in shape, green, and a foodie.  You can do that all right here at the Midway.  The Midway is located on Loop 360 just north or Barton Creek Mall.  Go….it’s so much fun.  There are horses in the trees.  


I highly recommend the Gyro.



Spring time green

I am always in awe of how many shades of green spring out at once. 

Beautiful day to take a moment and breathe in the spring day. 


Few have died


Cooking this weekend.

My new marinade for chicken was a big hit.  I cleaned up the kitchen after the meal.  Where did they all go?

The big breakfast with hash browns and eggs..a really big hit.  I cleaned up again…where did they run away to?

The pork shoulder slow cooked till it fell appart set in tacos with cabbage and a lovely southwest spicy mayo….made my heart sing.  Is the race starting?  Oh, it must be the golf that has me cleaning up again. 

No one has died yet.  It must be successful, right?

Jeesh…I almost opened a food truck.  Better to just make the ones I love suffer through my cooking. 😳

I mean, why open a food truck and clean up after more folks than right here at home?

The lesson in all this is know your own strengths, and do your best.

Nose up

It is said that attitude is everything.  So is perspective. 

Are you looking up?  Or looking down?


In aviation, it’s referred to as “nose up”.

When the wind blows against you, and you are knocked about, which way do you look?


Smile, enjoy, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

I found these on Pinterest and they made me smile.  


Enjoy your ride today, be it on a Harley or a bicycle. 


If it’s warm enough to stick your feet out the window, you might get tickled.


Keep your eyes open, you might see something awesome.


Remember to do the best you can.

I wish I could find the origins of these funny pictures to give photo credit.  They are awesome.

Buying Pizza

so I’m in this little pizza place, picking up pies for a client office and I’m looking around at all the photos on the wall.  Sophia Loren, Isabella Rosselini, Bridget Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe.

The picture of Sophia Loren caught my eye.  The look on her face, her unpainted nails, heavily lined eyes, bejeweled, beautifully gowned, and smoking.

What do you think is on her mind?  What do you think the man is saying?

Do you think she’s heard what he’s saying before?

Over the rainbow with Witty McWiggles

A bit of fun on St. Patty’s day.

According to I’m less than 1% Irish, which I think is a crock, and I’m demanding a recount.  But if I can be honorarily Irish today, I will take it.

According to, my Leprechaun Name is Witty McWiggles.  I think I will have fun with that.

What is your Leprechaun name?  

My son wasn’t happy with Zany O’Goofy, but it was sooooo fitting!

Grateful today. 

Not very many people I know like to be alone. There are times when it is vital to me.  

I can flow with the buzz of activities and chatter, but they drain me.

When my GAS (give a s#^t) tank is low, and I’ve extended too far.  Alone is necessary to bring myself back into balance.

Today I am grateful for good sales calls this week, safe travels, good company, reconnecting with friends, and rain. 

As I sink into the comfort of quiet and alone, I take time to count my blessings. They are many.  I smile.