4 thoughts on “shaving my legs

  1. Your language incentive is funny. On the subject of shaving, as a male, I don’t shave my legs and only part of my face, but I go to a gym where some of the younger guys shave everywhere. Hair on a man’s chest used to be admired, but not anymore. My wife has offered to shave my back so as to have the raw materials to weave two or three Indian blankets. We could use the money. Also, without hair, I could get some tattoos there.

  2. Funny post Wendy, I don’t think men pay much attention to these details, at the end you do all these kind of crazy stuff to show off for other women, that our legs are softer, our nails are gorgeous…..

    • There is nothing like the judgment of other women to keep me on my toes. I had to give up my shellac manicure, it was hurting my nails. I stubbed my toes at Christmas and I’m losing one of my nails which will put a wrench in my wearing of peep toe shoes anytime soon, but I need my pedicures. So I guess I will have to keep shaving.

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