What are you made of?


I’m reflective today.

Plowing through the shredding of tax returns I found in my mom’s attic, last month. I’m wondering if she kept these remnants from 1989 because she thought she needed to, or because she had the room? I suspect it was because she had the room.

Looking back at January:

We got through the Estate Sale, the cleaning out of the attics, and finally the sale of the property.

We dealt with attorneys, big garbage days, (both were surprisingly alike) boxes and boxes of old greeting cards, ceramic chickens, bunnies in all forms, garden art, 400 pound cement statues, and demanding realtors.

Hot water? Yes. Pressure? Undoubtedly.

We closed out eyes and plowed through. And now we find ourselves on the other side…a little tired, a little nostalgic, and quite relieved.

The tasks performed I will consider a bit of exercise equipment to make me stronger for the tasks ahead.

To find some gratitude in my reflections, I will say that I am grateful we came through. I’m grateful so much was completed swiftly and that we are done with April Sound. I’m grateful for my husband and his support.

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