Sometimes, we just don’t think. Kintsukuroi


The last 60, no the last 360 days have handed me hurdle upon hurdle. Break upon break. I’m not saying others don’t have it worse than I. I’m just dealing with what has past, and looking forward thinking of what it has taught me.

When I saw this on Pinterest it spoke to me like nothing has in a while.

Instead of looking at the wounds as ugly scars to be hidden, I now look at them as the wounds that have created a more beautiful soul.

One who is more thoughtful. One who is more choosy in phrasing a request, or a correction. One who isn’t ashamed of what I’ve gone through.

I’ve thought about the power of my words to uplift and heal, or tear down and harm.

Sorry isn’t enough, neither is holding a grudge. But The One who put us together can, through the beauty of forgiveness make us more beautiful for being broken.

What are you doing to let go and be put back together in a more beautiful way?

13 thoughts on “Sometimes, we just don’t think. Kintsukuroi

    • I used to consider them wasted experiences, but I’m appreciating now where they have brought me. In the big scheme of things….nothing gets wasted.
      Thanks! Have a great week.

  1. This is a very thought-provoking post. So glad you shared it! It certainly has my mind spinning regarding past experiences. Thank you, Wendy.

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  3. I hope your broken spots are being filled up with gold as you heal and shine on.

    Sorry you have hit a rough patch. Sometimes those are the exercise equipment that we get to use to make us stronger and more capable for the long run.

    It’s really good to see you back. I hope you’ve had a great birthday week!

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