I enjoyed the whole post, but couldn’t find a reblog button.

This weekend is the big estate sale. Every surface is full of stuff.

To say my mother had “two hands full” is an understatement. The woman had stuff for days. Not that she “toiled” overmuch for anything. She had overflowing abundance. Now what?

What happens to this life of accumulation, and stuff?

In less than a week, these treasures will all be gone. Either to an astute bargain hunter, or to a charity to bless someone in need. Either way, it is going to be gone.

Myself, I have no desire for any of it. Sometimes I even resent the stuff, and the room it takes up and the work it is going to take to empty the house.

This Uber-Abundance has me re-evaluating my life, my priorities, and my needs. Each purchase I have made since I started cleaning out my mom’s attic, I evaluate very closely. I go through my closets and mark my “stuff” for the charity bin.

I realize that where some people can live with “two hands full”, that isn’t what I can do. It is time to greatly simplify. That is what makes me happy.

If I have one hand free, maybe I can do more to lift someone else with it.

Today I am grateful for simple things, new accounts, kind words, sending smiles to strangers in the airport, and lightening the load.

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