New books


So for 2015, I splurged on a couple of titles that will be my friends for the next couple of weeks.

The arctic north wind has made its way into my tropical S. Texas homeland. I have forgotten how to wear a coat.
There is an art to carrying an accessory so large. Getting in and out of the coat. The habit of bundling up is rusty with me. My watch is too large and catches on the sleeve.
I had to practice putting on my gloves. Taking them off, pull the pinky, then the thumb, then follow the fingers down to pull off the glove successfully.

On my sales calls today, a particularly flamboyant receptionist had on rainbow wool gloves. She had to show them off. A high of 44, she was bundled up inside in sweater, scarf, boots, and gloves. She was sweet.

The wind is picking up. The day is winding down. My books are on the edge of my desk….beckoning me to my reading spot.

Maybe an early cup of tea and a chapter or two before dinner.


Today I’m grateful for reviving old skills. I’m grateful for the chilly wind that brings back childhood memories, and kills the bugs.

I’m grateful for successful sales calls, and a good coat to keep me warm on the two or three days a year I get to wear it.

One thought on “New books

  1. Hi Wendy, being grateful is a great practice, I want to know the name of your new books, I’m curious! 44F is summer here, today we have zero F, really freezing, my coat is so heavy, I get back pain after wearing it. Anyway keep warm there, and I’ll try the same here! 🙂

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