Steel Grey

The poem was inspired earlier by a photo at

Her photo took me back to the steel grey days I had as a child in Ohio and Illinois. She is quite the photographer. What an eye.

In tropical South Texas we don’t get a lot of winter. Today, it is cold, the moon is full, and I am nostalgic. So I wrote a poem, and took a picture of the full moon outside.

Steel grey, light and dark
Winter in the north
Breath alive in steam and ice
Winter in the north
Crunch of snow and slip of ice
Winter in the north
Layers of warmth to keep things nice
Dry heat static shocks us twice
Winter in the north

Today I am grateful I am in the Tropical S. Texas Winter. I don’t suffer static shocks from shuffling across the carpet. I don’t get ice on my scarf from breathing in freezing temps. I have only had to scrape ice off my windshield twice in the last 25 years. I’ve never been stuck in a snow drift here.

The city shuts down if we have freezing precipitation. It’s a bit funny, but so are Texans when they are in freezing anything. You would have to get to Amarillo to find any salt trucks or snow plows in our state. But Amarillo is just shy of the New Mexico border and a good 12 hours north from me. I think Amarillo might be North of Oklahoma City. Just saying.

I do miss seasons, and I’m grateful I get to see snow when I travel.

My closets are not full of coats. Just one that I take with me whenever I must go north of Dallas in January. That is just fine.


3 thoughts on “Steel Grey

  1. Hi Wendy, gorgeous moon pic! I’d like to keep my coats in the closet too, but today I need all of them, it’s freezing out there. Thanks for linking my blog, but you have add an extra ‘a’ is linking to another site, the correct is teandpaper, one ‘a’ for tea and the same for and. Have a great and warm day!

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