Happy start to a happy week

Happy tea.


I’ve always been a fan of Tea. Iced, green, black, chamomile, licorice, peppermint, all tea is fair game when it comes to drinking.

I had never considered that Tea could enhance your mood.

From the makers Your Tea comes a line of mood teas. So I had to try it.

Happy Tea is a blend of herbs and black tea. Quite mild in flavor.

Did it “make me happy”? Well, let’s just say I found the familiar routine of setting the kettle, and enjoying a cup a great pleasure. My smile lasted a wee bit longer while I went about my new year pantry cleaning.

A couple hours later, I am still quite pleased with myself and content.

If being happy is good for my health, I will have to continue to enjoy my Happy Tea.

2 thoughts on “Happy start to a happy week

    • I have found a licorice and peppermint blend from central market that I wake up thinking about. It is unusual, soothing, and leaves me feeling light and wonderful. Tea is fun…from Earl Gray to Lipton. I just enjoy taking time out to enjoy. Thanks for all your great posts.

      I enjoy your blog. Thanks for finding mine. I look forward to reading more from you.

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