A spontaneous and improvised dialogue


A few weeks ago, I took my oldest son to the airport. As we headed to the terminals we saw all these signs directing traffic to a “special event”. My son and I both have a rather silly and unusual sense of humor. When I saw the random sign, we had to be silly. This is an actual conversation that developed in a thick Russian accent with plenty of hand gestures.

Me: who has a special event at the airport?

Son: maybe someone important is landing.

Me: who could it be?

Son: maybe it’s Vladimir Putin!

Me: what would Vladimir Putin be doing in Houston?

Son: I think he wants to Annex Texas for Russia.

Me: well, that only makes sense. After all (insert Russian accent) Russians talk funny—Texans talk funny. Match made in heaven.

Son: (big Russian accent) Russians make Vodka–Texans make Vodka. Match made in heaven.

Me. Russians drill oil—Texans drill oil. Match made in Heaven.

Son: Russians have space program–Texans have space program. Match made in heaven.

Me: Russians love socialism–Texans love freedom?

Son: Houston, we have a problem.

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