6 thoughts on “Oh the books

  1. I love books, I love them with all my heart. History is my passion. I just finished a biography on Ethan Allen which was phenomenal. Backwoods man, business man, terrorist, patriot, and statesman, Mr. Allen did it all!
    Like I said, I love books but they can be used towards negativity as much as positive actions. I think what is most important is to have the freedom to read and write on what ever topics we choose.

    • I love history too! I read David Crockett last year, it was a big eye opener, especially about his early life, and theories over his not dying at the Alamo. Good read.
      Viva the 1st amendment and the right to freedom of speech! We can’t always agree with the negative books, but as long as we have the right to write without hassle, let the free market system silence the negativity with poor sales. Have a great day! Thanks for the book recommend.

    • You have a talent, and I adore reading your blog. I am honored that you have found and follow mine. Thanks for your comments. You are welcome to leave feedback anytime.

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