Amadeus, cleaning, and me


Tomorrow is big cleaning day.

I will put on my Amadeus CD, maybe Waldo De Los Rios. My Elliot Fisk on guitar playing Paganini Caprices is another good choice for cleaning day.

Since my early teens I have enjoyed classical music. It energizes me. I will often dance about with my dust cloth, or vacuum. I will make the walls shake with Tchaikovsky. Why not?

It makes the most basic of chores bearable.

I am grateful for music. I am so thankful for the energy to clean my house.

I haven’t gotten to the point to decorate. The idea of getting anything out now, and putting it away is more than I want to deal with.

Focusing on The Reason for the season is plenty.

The Tchaikovsky would be seasonal at least…maybe some Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy would be good.

Cheers to cleaning, cheers to the Season, cheers to getting things done.

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