Tuesday night reunions

In 1983 I met my friend Cheryl Johnson. We were both Freshmen, both Communication Majors, Horse fanatics, dance fanatics, and to boot….we looked like sisters. Big hair, shoulder pads, et al.


I was the Matron of Honor at her wedding in 1987. I made her bouquet. She wore my wedding dress.

We traveled in and out of each others lives in the early 90’s and tried to stay in touch in 1999. We parted that year for multiple reasons, but she always stayed in my heart and prayers.

She reached out to me a couple months ago. Had it really been almost 15 years?

I heard her voice for the first time last week. We talked live on the phone instead of via email. We agreed to meet last night.

I got to the restaurant early (go figure, as I am terminally early). I headed for the ladies room, unusually nervous. Gathering myself together, I head back out. She is standing at the entry looking as nervous and unsure as me. I almost ran toward her. I couldn’t wait to hug her up and cry.

We had a lovely meal, a margarita, shared stories, and realized we are both better people now, then we were 15 years ago.

It is baby steps to figure out how our lives might fit together at this stage.

I’m so happy for her. She has adopted a 10 year old from foster care. She is happily re-married and has a ranch. Her family is doing well, and she is taking a new view on life.

Sometimes friendships come full circle. We aren’t the 80’s party dolls we once were. We aren’t newly weds. We aren’t young professionals or young mothers. Yet we have been through all of those things together, and a little more.

Today I am grateful for a life long friend who still “gets me”, who I “still get”, and the hope of her being a part of life going forward.

I am also very grateful for those of you who encouraged me to accept her efforts when I was so nervous about it. You were right. It was a very good reunion.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday night reunions

  1. That’s so amazing that you got to reunite with a good friend Wendy! I’m in the season of my life where most of my friends are dispersing different ways because of marriage, and college, and work and it’s hard to see them leave but it’s encouraging to know that friendships can last even years after not seeing one another!

  2. I’m so happy for you Wendy! Friendships like the two you have shared are priceless, I’m glad you found one another again.

  3. There is nothing like a friend who gets you without you having to explain. There’s nothing like a longtime friend (won’t use the word old – ha ha) with whom you reconnect. I love the photos. Big hugs to both of your healed hearts. xoxo

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