The Fairy’s New Year Gift

Beautiful story for the new year. Happy 2015.

Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
December 28, 2009

Two little boys were at play one day when a Fairy suddenly appeared before them and said, “I have been sent to give you New Year presents.”

She handed to each child a package, and in an instant was gone.

Carl and Philip opened the packages and found in them two beautiful books, with pages as pure and white as the snow when it first falls.

Many months passed and the Fairy came again to the boys. “I have brought you each another book?” said she, “and will take the first ones back to Father Time who sent them to you.”

“May I not keep mine a little longer?” asked Philip. “I have hardly thought about it lately. I’d like to paint something on the last leaf that lies open.”

“No,” said the Fairy; “I must take it just as it is.”

“I wish that…

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The Enabler

An important message. Why it is important to be humble, responsible, and recognize the efforts and graciousness we are surrounded with daily.

We are often given gifts, may we have open eyes to recognize them.

Shootin' the Breeze

They were friends and classmates, each girl 18 years old and two weeks from high school graduation when they went for a ride after school.  The driver inexplicitly pulled out from a stop sign on a county road and started to cross a busy U.S. highway into the path of a semi-tractor trailer, which crashed into the passenger side of the car, instantly killing the passenger.  The driver survived.  Her injuries were not serious.

The parents of the girl who died belonged to our church.  They came to me to represent them in the wrongful death case.

Understandably, they were grief-stricken.  Their Christian faith and community of friends comforted them.  Still, they struggled to come to grips with the tragedy. They wisely went to grief counseling.  Their out-of-pocket charges amounted to something around $400.00.  Money well spent.

We recovered all the liability insurance available.  That is my job.  They generously used…

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A spontaneous and improvised dialogue


A few weeks ago, I took my oldest son to the airport. As we headed to the terminals we saw all these signs directing traffic to a “special event”. My son and I both have a rather silly and unusual sense of humor. When I saw the random sign, we had to be silly. This is an actual conversation that developed in a thick Russian accent with plenty of hand gestures.

Me: who has a special event at the airport?

Son: maybe someone important is landing.

Me: who could it be?

Son: maybe it’s Vladimir Putin!

Me: what would Vladimir Putin be doing in Houston?

Son: I think he wants to Annex Texas for Russia.

Me: well, that only makes sense. After all (insert Russian accent) Russians talk funny—Texans talk funny. Match made in heaven.

Son: (big Russian accent) Russians make Vodka–Texans make Vodka. Match made in heaven.

Me. Russians drill oil—Texans drill oil. Match made in Heaven.

Son: Russians have space program–Texans have space program. Match made in heaven.

Me: Russians love socialism–Texans love freedom?

Son: Houston, we have a problem.

Merry Christmas


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The time has flown this year.

In the decision to bypass the normal holiday decorations has been good for me. A break from traditional busy-ness, but not from the family gathering.

It is good to have my boys in the house. It is good to see the inlaws. It is good to get to church and worship. It is good to have my focus on Who we celebrate tonight.

Rejoice, celebrate, and rest. This is a time to reflect on great joy.

Merry Christmas, and God Bless all of you.

May your 2015 be the very best you could even imagine.

The strangest thing I’ve seen on a bathroom wall


Front spray?

Rear spray?

Blow dry?


I was afraid to push the button. All I could imagine was the toilet coming to life and spraying water everywhere! I could imagine myself emerging from the little potty closet drenched and unable to explain the mess.

Like a backwards country bumpkin, I did not want the fancy toilette anywhere near my bumpkin.

What happened to good old-fashioned toilet paper?

So sad to be so intimidated in a public restroom.

They seem to be everywhere.


What is this trend of backside washing in public places?

Amadeus, cleaning, and me


Tomorrow is big cleaning day.

I will put on my Amadeus CD, maybe Waldo De Los Rios. My Elliot Fisk on guitar playing Paganini Caprices is another good choice for cleaning day.

Since my early teens I have enjoyed classical music. It energizes me. I will often dance about with my dust cloth, or vacuum. I will make the walls shake with Tchaikovsky. Why not?

It makes the most basic of chores bearable.

I am grateful for music. I am so thankful for the energy to clean my house.

I haven’t gotten to the point to decorate. The idea of getting anything out now, and putting it away is more than I want to deal with.

Focusing on The Reason for the season is plenty.

The Tchaikovsky would be seasonal at least…maybe some Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy would be good.

Cheers to cleaning, cheers to the Season, cheers to getting things done.

Tuesday night reunions

In 1983 I met my friend Cheryl Johnson. We were both Freshmen, both Communication Majors, Horse fanatics, dance fanatics, and to boot….we looked like sisters. Big hair, shoulder pads, et al.


I was the Matron of Honor at her wedding in 1987. I made her bouquet. She wore my wedding dress.

We traveled in and out of each others lives in the early 90’s and tried to stay in touch in 1999. We parted that year for multiple reasons, but she always stayed in my heart and prayers.

She reached out to me a couple months ago. Had it really been almost 15 years?

I heard her voice for the first time last week. We talked live on the phone instead of via email. We agreed to meet last night.

I got to the restaurant early (go figure, as I am terminally early). I headed for the ladies room, unusually nervous. Gathering myself together, I head back out. She is standing at the entry looking as nervous and unsure as me. I almost ran toward her. I couldn’t wait to hug her up and cry.

We had a lovely meal, a margarita, shared stories, and realized we are both better people now, then we were 15 years ago.

It is baby steps to figure out how our lives might fit together at this stage.

I’m so happy for her. She has adopted a 10 year old from foster care. She is happily re-married and has a ranch. Her family is doing well, and she is taking a new view on life.

Sometimes friendships come full circle. We aren’t the 80’s party dolls we once were. We aren’t newly weds. We aren’t young professionals or young mothers. Yet we have been through all of those things together, and a little more.

Today I am grateful for a life long friend who still “gets me”, who I “still get”, and the hope of her being a part of life going forward.

I am also very grateful for those of you who encouraged me to accept her efforts when I was so nervous about it. You were right. It was a very good reunion.

Doing my best


Getting back into my routine…..I’m grateful and I am scared.

I’m doing my best, and learning along the way.

I’m grateful for husband, my sons, my dogs, my home, my job.

Cheers to learning. Cheers to making things work. Cheers to moving onward and upward.