A blast from the past


Professionally, I am on Linked In. I enjoy seeing client updates, industry news, and motivational stories.

I got an invitation from someone completely out of the blue. A friend from college, who asked me to never contact her again.

The details are complicated, and almost 12 years old, but she asked that I exit her life.

I did with much sorrow.

Today, I got the invitation to connect on Linked In. She has divorced and remarried, and reached out.

Do I accept?

I’m very conflicted.

She is in my thoughts and prayers continually. One of the clearest messages I ever got from the Lord was concerning her. He said that she would go through great sorrow, but that she would come back into my life again.

What would you do? I would enjoy hearing some feedback.

I don’t want to chase someone who could cut me out of their lives again….but God said something to me about her.

I just don’t know.

6 thoughts on “A blast from the past

  1. My initial reaction to your story is to say yes to linked in and see if she follows up. Many years have passed and many experiences. I would suggest, go with what God has said to you. xo Keep your heart open ~ not for sorrow, but for forgiveness and understanding. Life is short. We all make mistakes. Perhaps this is her way to return to your friendship. Either way, it’s up to you. ♥ Do what you feel is right for you.

  2. I believe everything happens for a reason. We might not know what that reason is, but we have to trust in God. I don’t know what may have caused the rift between the two of you, but you’ve been given a chance to mend it. It might not be easy for you both, but she was willing to reach out to you first which shows you are still someone she values. I would listen to your heart…

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