Hard working young man


photo credit ZLH Iphone

My youngest boy….isn’t he handsome?  A momma can say such things about her boys.

My son recently celebrated his 3rd year on his job at Discount Tire.  What a great company to work for.  He has done well in such a fantastic business culture.

We required our boys to work if they wanted to drive, pay for their insurance and gas.  Get accustom to the fact that things cost money, and how working pays for the things you want to have in life.  I know that seems odd to many folks, but life skills can only be learned by doing, in my opinion, so we set our course and stuck to it.

He is standing in the parking lot, sweaty, face full of tire dust, and satisfied after a good day at work.  He took a little ‘selfie’.  What a ‘selfie’.  The perspective is fantastic with the clouds in the back ground.

I have to say, my young man doesn’t shirk his work, nor does he ever turn down his dad when he asks him to do the yucky job of scooping up the doggy droppings in the back yard before a bbq.  He is funny, kind, loves music and is comfortable around old folks and babies.  How did I ever get to have such a child?  It is a firm example that God is merciful to those who don’t deserve it.

I am a blessed momma.

Today I am thankful that my men are such awesome examples of good natured, humorous, hard working, faithful, loving human beings.

I am humbled and honored to be the momma.

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