What’s the password?

Photo credit: blameitonthevoices.com

Ah the cell phone.
Business requirement: 6 apps
Personal connection : phone numbers, pictures
Creative outlet: word press app
Recreation: all my silly games

Recently, have you noticed the number of updates?
They happen all of a sudden, and then something on your phone changes.
An application is moved, or changes faces.

This year, 2014, I challenged myself to learn something new. So I gave up my IPhone and decided to learn the Android way of communicating.

It went reasonably well. The sound quality was hit and miss. It was more difficult to download music between my ITunes, and the android app I was using. I did enjoy the photos the Galaxy 3S took, and I found that I the Galaxy 3S was easier to put down.

What I wasn’t expecting Saturday morning was a new feature after a software upgrade.

My Galaxy3s required a password. I stood looking at the screen perplexed. My business apps all require passwords to use, so I never password protected the initial screen. There is no financial apps on the phone, and I am not that interesting that I would lock my husband out of my phone. I am not a big text user, and my (make believe) boyfriend only speaks Japanese. My husband would never suspect, or understand what was being said. I am clever that way.😝

So back to this password requirement…..I had no clue. I tried my usual suspects, nothing. After the 5th failed attempt….locked out.

I contacted my carrier, and to my surprise they didn’t know why the password requirement appeared either. The only remedy they could offer was a “factory restart”.

That would mean wiping the phone clean. Fortunately, I had most of my goodies were backed up, and retrievable. But I would have to get with my IT dept immediately Monday morning to initiate the business apps so that I could work.

I got through the factory restart on Saturday, and I restored my contacts and photos. BUT! Nothing worked the way it worked before. The speaker went out, and no one could hear me. It would shut down mysteriously. By Sunday all sound was gone on the phone, no ringing, no keyboard, no speaker, nothing.

So what did I do first thing yesterday? I went and got myself an IPhone 5s. I would have had to wait 3 days for the 6 to be shipped, and I had projects due this week. Got to work, after all.

So what did all this “learning something new” teach me this year? I learned to stick with the IPhone.


You notice that I made it out of the building before writing about it?

Today I am grateful for things that work.

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