Spanish wine

Of all places to pick up a reasonably priced Rioja, I was surprised that my 8.99 purchase at Costco was a treasure.


It was bright and well balanced, not overly fruity, or rough, as some Rioja I’ve tried. A lovely medium bodied red wine disappeared between the 3 of us. The cheeky exclamation point on the cork should have given us a hint at the enthusiasm with which we enjoyed it. Definitely one of the silkiest Riojas in that price range.

It went beautifully with our surf and turf. Not too weak for the steak, not to overbearing for the lobster. I especially liked the wine with our veggies, sweet potato and roasted Brussels sprouts. We had a great midweek celebration as our oldest was home for a visit, and our youngest just had a birthday.

I am grateful for family laughter around our table, good wine, good food, and great conversation with my young men. I am a blessed woman.

Quote from Bable.

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